Friday, October 8, 2010

What is the deal with commercials that are directed towards kids these days??? I mean really! I heard one yesterday that said "just think what all your friends will say when they see you have one!" Are you kidding me?? Aren't we supposed to be teaching our kids NOT to care what others think? Aren't we supposed to be telling them that it doesn't matter if Suzy down the street has something and they don't, or Timmy next door doesn't have one and we shouldn't make him feel bad because of it?? It's just ridiculous. So now advertising people are teaching our kids how to make others jealous. Nice. That is just what I want my kids to do. Aren't we NOT supposed to covet? Isn't it a sin? Hmmm... makes me wonder. It makes me worried. It makes me want to sit in the corner of a room and rock myself. O.K., maybe that's a tad dramatic, but the subject is very concerning.

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