Friday, August 6, 2010

So, I still have not decided what to do with this thing... my thoughts are that I will just go with it and see where it takes me! I have had such an interesting life so far. It's not that I have done a ridiculous amount of interesting things, but I think I will compare myself to Seinfeld. My life is filled with mundane, not so exciting things, and yet there is literally NEVER a dull moment. I seem to attract stupid situations, some funny and some not so much. I've felt every emotion known to man, and for that I am truely greatful. Although, you can imagine, in order to feel every emotion, life has not always been a picnic. Yet, here I am, still, with many amazing people around me... guiding me, helping me, and walking with me (sometimes carrying me) on this wonderful journey. There are not many things I would change about my life thus far, because then I would not be the person I am today. Things could have gone a little easier at times, but then what's the fun in that!!! Nothing good in life comes easy, and sometimes it takes a really long time to get there...

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  1. I started mine for the same reason...just to get "things" out sometimes:) You are right Jenna...nothing good in life comes easy. You are a beautiful woman Jenna. I am happy to read your blog!!! Keep it up!


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